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by In Dread Response

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released August 1, 2015

Produced by Trajan Schwencke and Ben C. Read.

Engineered, Editing and Mixing by Schwencke / Read.

All songs written and arranged by Schwencke / Boag / Read.
Lyrics by Ben C. Read.

All Rhythm Guitars and bass tracked by Trajan Schwencke.
Guitar Solos on “1777”, “Heart of Stone / Heart Of Glass” and “Weight” by Steve Boag.

Art direction and design by Schwencke.

Emil Akatsu appears on “Myrrhbearer” courtesy of “Serenity In Murder”.



all rights reserved


In Dread Response Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Earthen Bonds
Shat into existence, cursed seed beneath the sun
Placed upon a sinking path, grieved and set upon
And as we grow together, I begin to carve my rites
Of solitary inching through cyclopean might

A world unbridled in it's horror
In this doomed nativity

Roots take hold in soil steeped in darkest disappointment
Pushing, ever pushing 'neath decaying green and innocence
Stunted growth by broken promise
Friendship grieved by judas kiss
A blade in twisted hand
To cut through gordian heart

A world unbridled in it's horror
In this doomed nativity
Sacrificial son so fragile
Of melancholic proclivity

Beneath the rising sun, the blossoms fade to brown
Brute forced down choiceless path, the dreams are hammered down
Face first to gravelled soil, scars nailed into the ground

Tainted memory, the proof creeping beneath the earth
The seed of sorrow imprint, internalise what has been learnt
Lessons immemorial, of hollow virtue and the hurt
The powder keg is planted, the fuse now set to burn
Track Name: 1777
Buried in tattered cloth and sodden wool
Normalise the dulling ache and anxious pull
With muzzle flash, we killed the iron lung
We severed all, through stillest tongue

Falling further, ever further
In deepest recess, you reside
Greying memories red and butchered
Annulled within my mind
Nostalgic poison washes through
Tsumani buries all we held inside
I’ve lost so much and said so little
The puzzle pieces lost beneath the tide

In a flash of fire, the red did kiss the green
The deadened limbs still heavy, from a fading dream
A ghostly shadow in the periphery, the void that once depressed
That once repressed

A pound of flesh upon the scales
Noxious, rotten, undone
But its you who now bares the scars
Eclipsed by the man that I have become

Your loss, immeasurable
Track Name: Heart Of Stone / Heart Of Glass
The abyssal void between the lungs remembers all

Lash by lash, skin starts to separate
The forked tongue sneers begin to chip away
Collapsing walls constructed by clenching fists
Scar tissue tells corrosive tales like bloodied hieroglyphs

The Judas whispers echo each and every night
The bones that fuse and break beneath the hallowed light
A whipping boy malformed, both wretched and alone
The heart of glass that breaks reveals a heart of stone

The leather cracks and pens another tome
Another chapter of sordid suffering and gloom
Formations skew the etchings, the shaking hands of scribes
Who pray for inked quills to turn to bloodied knives

The day has dawned when tables turned are set ablaze
A nail through every wrist that struck upon the trembling brave
Upon the cross of impenitence, the fallen lords shall bleed
A monument to the burning shame, writhing in the meek
Track Name: Coma
Dragging through the sinking glass
The weakened pulse, the labored beat
The drifting skies that pass like tectonic sands
That shift beneath my feet

The rise and fall of thousands
That bleed between each breath
The meekest child with trembling heart
Waking in his death

Fill these ragged lungs with venomed air
Exhale, exorcise the greying dormant soul
The lips shall part and the bone will grate
Until this blood runs cold
The ink shall dry and flesh will scream
Until this blood runs cold

Direction speaks in volumes, as the vowels do light the void
The absence of shape, of point, of meaning
Mere etchings now dissolved

Translated and transcribed from aching palm
A record cast into the aether
This biography of me
Track Name: Myrrhbearer
In languages never spoken, we speak
Acrimonic fire breathed upon the world
To burn the bastion of abhorrence
Coiled indignation begins to unfurl

In death of purpose and loss of sight
In life, aimless, borne of blight
Beneath the earth we writhe, in wait
Bound by worthless vision and illest fate
With granite wall and pitch of black
Fragments of purest love held back
Pupils wide in darkest hour
Amid foul air, rotting and sour

The dormant nerves begin to feel
The terror and torment once concealed
Synapses fire and spark the birth
Latent regard slowly unearthed
Crossroaded virtues blur and bend
Begotten chance to make amends
Worn hearts by savagery, beset
To forgive but to never forget

Set ablaze
I am reborn anew
I am reborn
Track Name: Heavenshore
As my heart does break
Upon the heavenshore
The wretched twine that binds these wrists
To leave their mark upon the flesh

Solace, imprinted by my bones
Sorrow, forever coming home

The sun will rise upon the frozen heart
Coagulated ice floes begin to drift apart
Cut away the septic flesh
The malignancy of the soul bereft

Lungs that burn with winter fire
Shedding scars of self inflicted wound
First breath upon the broken surface
As rippled truths do bend the moon
Track Name: The Dawning Horror Of Realisation
True empyreal terror
On jagged precipice, bearer of truths befouled
Do with me as thou will

With bloodied feet and breaking spirit, I plunge
Segregation and separation
Boundless, shapeless and fluid
Truths split beneath the gnashing of billions

Bleeding through six chambers of realisation
Swallowed by esophageal legion
Digested, inch by putrid inch
The reddened iris blends and molds
Acidic rebirth in the horror eternal
Enlightened and defleshed, sickness takes hold

Madness claws throughout the descent
The depths of dread, the foulest scent
These ragged lungs collapse
Temporal weight
Masticated and ablated, exposed

Rabid yet mesmerized, drowning inside
Gentle heart erodes, raw nerve exposed

Passed but forever grieved
Refuse of a world unleashed
Wisdom of violence ingrained, dead inside
Cancerous, but alive
Track Name: The Vault Of Riven Bone
There is red in the white, laze of the iron head
Filled with malfunction, meaning glossed over and worn
Equilibrium fault and I slip again
Dissolving explanations never meant anything anyway

You can't hear me
It echoes in the fragments, vault of riven bone
You can't hear me, but maybe thats for the best
As breaking shoulders fold into this caverned chest

Seeping words drip through the cracking earth
Cram them in the brittle stone
Body of a sinking cage
Impulse degenerates, fingers fade and blur the line

Neon trails of the meaningless loss defined
Nails broken and splintered from clawing at gates of time
I no longer understand what it means to be alive
I no longer understand
Grief fills these cyclothymic depths and stills these rusting lungs
Swallowed by the shame and sorrow of what I have become
Fleeting moments of electric transparency
Lost in the labyrinth internal, they mean nothing to me
They mean nothing to me
Track Name: Weight
And when the last fruit has spoilt
I will lay with naked grief and sober flame
Alone among the stars, I’ll hang and burn
Under godless moon, I will immolate

A flaming effigy to self destruction
A monument to fuck you too

The wretched roots take hold in pure defeat
As filthy noose pulls taut and true
Branches creak and the flesh does scream
Of every wrong I’ve been put through
Through bone and ash, I’ll come true

A flaming effigy to self destruction
A monument to fuck you too
An apologetic gesture of unweighted sorrow
A futile prayer I can’t undo

Affirmations smoulder in the light
Embers of indecision glow inside
Through collapsing hopes, internalised
Feeling every motion, dead inside

Unwritten words I’ve yet to pen
From aching hands that long for an end
These earthen bonds were bound to break
By setting light to moulding chapters of pure love and hate
I lost myself some time ago
Unsure I’ll ever make it home